Gia Khalsa Home Page ImageFeel good and enjoy your life in body, mind and spirit, no matter what comes your way ... anytime, any where, any space. Let Gia help you design a lifestyle by using the secrets that she uses to feel good, look good and be happy and healthy!

Gia Khalsa has been studying and living natural lifestyle since 1970. Her three-fold career of belly dance, yoga and Feng Shui has developed out of years of study and practice. Specifically Gia lived a natural, holistic, yogic lifestyle where she studied yogic practices such as yoga postures, meditation, natural vegetarian foods, diet and cooking, holistic health remedies, alternative healing therapies, new age philosophies, self help, and group living.

Gia has taught yoga classes on and off since her early beginnings. She has a degree in art education and uses her creativity in all aspects of her careers. Gia ran her own interior plant care company, and cooked in and managed two natural foods restaurants.

In 1991 she started her studies in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement and decor on the environment for health, happiness, love, peace and abundance. Then in 1996, she began to give lectures and do consultations for private and commercial clients.

In 1996 she found her true passion of belly dancing, and combined this ancient dance form with influences from her ballroom dance, country western dance, yoga and chi quong practices. Here she developed her own eclectic, spiritual blend of this healing dance form. Gia has deepened her understanding of the movement of the human body and its relationship to physical, mental and emotional health.

The belly dance career took off in a big way with many avenues. Gia teaches and performs all over Connecticut. She does alot of work with senior facilities, performing and teaching belly dance and chair yoga. She performs for private house parties, women's clubs, special events, weddings and showers, and has her own troupe of dancers called "Venus Rising."

Gia is a renaissance woman of the new century, embracing all these aspects of holistic living into her own life and extending her knowledge into her teaching of workshops, classes and lectures in the areas of belly dance, yoga and feng shui.