Feng Shui Magic with Gia

Gia Khalsa Feng Shui Magic

Feng Shui is the ancient Eastern art of energy and placement for your home and environment. It is a system designed to provide education and information about your home or workplace. Our surroundings affect us, and if we have the knowledge, we can change our lives by changing our environment in a way that brings peace, love, health, prosperity and more. 

Gia uses:

  • The basic foundations of the style of “Western Feng Shui”
  • Ways to make Feng Shui simple and down-to-earth The Bagua, which is a map for your home that includes the nine areas of life
  • The five Chinese nature elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water
  • Cures and enhancements and the proper places to use them
  • The power of color
  • Intuition, utilizing both practical and metaphysical ideas

I offer consultations for your home or workplace that can be done either on-site or online via Zoom. Each two-hour consultation is tailored to your needs and location. Most houses, apartments, condos, workplaces, offices, and businesses can be accommodated. Before we meet, each job is discussed, instructions are given, and you fill out a questionnaire so that we both know what to expect.

Gia Khalsa Feng Shui Fire

Additional information:

  • Consultations are usually about two hours long. A good overview of your location can be done on the first visit.
  • The cost for a two-hour consultation for apartments, condos and regular-sized homes of 2,000 square feet or less is generally around $250. Homes larger than 2,000 square feet are prorated for size. An additional charge applies for extra travel.
  • Online consultations can be done via Zoom. Smart phones or tablets are preferable for ease of movement. 
  • Because they typically take less time, online consultations cost $150 for apartments, condos, and small homes. Larger homes are prorated for size. 
  • Each job will be discussed and specific instructions will be given beforehand.
  • You will fill out a questionnaire beforehand so that we can both know what to expect. 
  • You must have a floor plan of your location before the consultation. Instructions will be given on how to do the floor plan.
  • You will be given charts to work with as we do the consultation.
  • The consultation can be recorded and/or you can take notes. Simple questions can be asked both during and after the consultation. 
  • A week or two after the consultation, it is suggested but not required that you have a free consultation update on the phone.