Belly Dance Resume

Gia has developed her own unique style of artistic expression using a spiritual, emotional, and eclectic blend of the ancient art of Middle Eastern belly dancing. She studied ballroom dance for two years and country western for six years. These both have added to and influenced her dancing. Since 1996 she studied Middle Eastern belly dancing using various teachers, workshops, and videos. She is also self-taught and has been performing since the fall of 1996. Because of her thirty-year background in yoga practice, she resonated to this discipline and began teaching in the fall of 1997. Her classes provide a good base of beginner's moves, which she hopes will allow students to progress to their own improvisation and broaden their own studies. She teaches for physical fitness, self-esteem, freedom, and joy for her students and herself.

Some of her varied and unusual accomplishments include dancing with the former rock band Jamie Strange, a guest appearance with War (a rock group with origins in the 1970's), and participating in local spiritual services enhancing the worship with her dance. She teaches and has performed with Company and Tempo Dance Studio in Cromwell. She has also taught at the Meriden YMCA. She currently teaches at the Hartford Conservatory, Middletown Adult Education, and various other locations in Connecticut.

She performs at rest homes, private adult parties, childrens' parties, and special events. Her mission is to bring this dance to as many people as possible as she blends all of these elements together to evoke the ancient dance in all its uses and forms, bringing it to modern times in a very user-friendly way.

Yoga Resume

Gia has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation in the Northeast region of the United States since 1971. She has taught all ages and all levels from beginners to advanced and can tailor her classes to suit the needs of her students.

From 1971 until 1990 she lived as an American Sikh, which is a religion of Northern India. She also studied in depth with the 3HO Yoga Foundation (Happy, Healthy, and Holy through Organized living). In these two connected groups, a natural, yogic, spiritual lifestyle was the central focus. During that time she attended intensive workshops several times a year in training centers in New Mexico, Florida, Washington D.C. and other cities. She studied and practiced all facets of yogic technique, philosophy and lifestyle. Topics included food, diet and cooking; natural remedies and natural medicine, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements; Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Yoga, meditation; chanting and mantras; New Age and holistic philosophies and therapies; comparative religious studies; group living, family, marriage and children related studies.

Using her practical skills, Gia resided in and co-directed yoga ashrams (living centers) in Philadelphia, Princeton, Baltimore and Middletown, Connecticut. The main focus of her yoga experience was Kundalini Yoga, an eclectic form of yoga incorporating many different styles, including the postures of Hatha yoga, meditation of Raja yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and many other varied facets of yogic practice.

With her more recent skills in dance (ballroom, country and Middle Eastern belly dance), Gia has deepened her understanding of the movement of the human body and it's relationship to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Feng Shui Resume

Gia Khalsa has been studying and practicing Feng Shui in Connecticut since 1990. In 1996 she began teaching Feng Shui classes at Middletown Adult Ed and various other groups. During that time she advised her friends and began doing professional consultations for individuals and businesses.

Since 1970 Gia has lived and studied natural lifestyle including the practices of yoga, meditation, new age philosophy, holistic health and diet and the flow and balance of life energy on all levels.

Feng Shui is the study of this flow of energy and Gia is naturally attuned to this from these years of study and practice. Her training in Feng Shui is mainly self taught with workshops from various teachers. 
In the past she has managed and cooked in two different natural foods restaurants. She has taught yoga and meditation from 1970 till 1991, and has begun to teach again in 1998.

Gia holds a degree in Art Education. Gia has been running her own interior plant business since 1988. Plants are an important tool in Feng Shui cures. 
In the course of her business she has observed hundreds of homes and workplaces and seen the principles of Feng Shui at work.

Gia applies her own unique blend of the ancient science, strengthened with her knowledge of plants and accented with her flair to see and create beauty.