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Use the ancient art of Feng Shui to enhance your home and your life with the creative, exciting simple placement of color. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement for health, prosperity, happiness and peace. Understanding Feng Shui with Gia is easy. She brings this complicated and esoteric science down to earth in a user friendly way.Gia with Yin Yang Overlay

~ Unlock the secret energy centers in your home

~ Clear the clutter and open the flow of life force

~ Let your environment feed you, uplift you work for you

~ Decorate with meaning to add joy, prosperity, loving relationships and health

~ Use color, wallpaper, fabric and accents that empower you and your surroundings

~ Learn the power behind your decorating, and placement



Consultations for home or workplace cost $150-$200 per session. A regular-sized location can be done in about 2 hours. In these consultations Gia will:

~ come to your home or workplace and analyze the area using the black hat method of Feng Shui and the BAGUA, or energy map, to find the specific energy centers of your life

~ give advice on placement, color, decorating, use of rooms

~ check on clutter control, traffic flow, problem areas

~ shine a light on hidden negative energies

~ arrange for more efficient use of space

~ work on careers, relationships, children, family, health issues

~ She will leave you with a chart / map of your location to have for an ongoing progress by you



Perfect for:

~ great for a house party / invite your friends for an evening of fun and knowledge

~ women's / garden clubs

~ guest speaker

~ staff service or wellness days

~ health club wellness program

Lectures consist of:

  • history and origins of FS
  • definitions
  • uses
  • various schools
  • the bagua or life map
  • trouble spots
  • cures and enhancements
  • 5 elements
  • clutter control
  • placement of furniture
  • power spots ... bedroom, desk, office, seating
  • creative ideas for decorating and creating beauty


Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for anyone moving, buying, selling, remodeling, or making new house plans.