Gia Lavender

Gia has found her true passion in belly dancing and has always wanted to share this with women to bring them the power, joy and freedom that it has brought to her.

This "dance of the belly" has been done since the dawn of time, by many cultures, in many different forms, during many different eras spanning thousands of years. Every culture has a folk or ethnic dance ... Belly Dance as we know it comes form the Arabic/Middle Eastern region/culture.

Its history is rich in meanings, uses, techniques, styles, evolution and social customs. It is a sacred dance of spirit, emotion, sensuality and artistic expression. It is a dance, in one form or another, for women of many varied shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. It helps to connect body, mind and soul into a joyous worship of the Higher Power, Spirit, God, Goddess, Life Energy, Almighty, Infinite or Self.

The dance uses isolations, shimmies and undulations of different parts of the body. Also the movement of these different parts trace out a variety of shapes and letters in a kind of ancient writing.
The movements also relate to the motions of nature - wind, trees, flowers, water, animals. 
The chakras (energy centers in the body) are stimulated as the energy travels through them. It is similar to yoga, Tai Chi or other martial arts in that the life energy is caused to move in the body.

In modern times, the dance has taken on many different styles and forms.

Today there is a resurgence of the practice and uses of this dance that will hopefully help to deepen women's understanding of her divine nature, provide a fun form of exercise, and bring people together for a rich and lively form of entertainment.


 veuns rising troupe



is Gia's Belly Dance Troupe, made up of women like you who just kept coming to class! They had a passion for the dance and for having a good time. None of Gia's dancers have any extensive dance training - they learned on their own with Gia and the other troupe members!
If you like dress up and to have a good time, CONTACT GIA!


belly dance performances




Gia's style is very elegant, tasteful and entertaining. She is great at connecting to guests at any event with her charming personality, colorful costumes and enticing music with a fun, relaxed atmosphere.



A typical cabaret performance includes an entrance with zils (finger cymbals), a veil dance, taxim (slow movement) and drum solo (fast shimmies). This is a 15-20 minute performance. Gia can also give an informal talk on belly dance and a group lesson. It has been given for ladies' groups, surprise birthdays, in service days, special events, and can be tailored to the needs of your parties.



Gia has an selection of dances that are elegant, artistic, sophisticated and more. The dances are spiritually oriented and are very appropriate for a more serious event such as upscale dinner parties, memorial services and groups interested in the true "art of the belly dance." This performance can be tailored to suit your needs.


Crimson Tent


A magical evening creating the experience of the harems of old
where women came together to dance, connect and support.

• Costume sale and swap

• Performances

• Dance lessons

• Group dancing/good music



Gia will be teaching a series of workshops on all aspects of belly dance that help create a vibrant life:

• Dance of the Seven Veils (history, meaning and healing aspects of belly dance)

• Costume and makeup ideas

• The moves behind the moves - stretching, yoga, and ways to connect your body to get the moves

• The Veil of Illusion

• Healthy Dancer... healthy lifestyle

Class Schedule

SUNDAY 6:00-7:15PM 
Vinnie's Jump and Jive
424 Main St., Middletown, CT

$14 drop in $72 for 6 classes.


 Please, all new students and returning students call or email Gia 
the day before to check on updated schedule. 



Each class is unique, combining work on basic moves of undulations, shimmies, arm work, with posture, posing, 
attitude and philosophy along with choreographed dance,improvisation and veil work. Gia runs each class as an event in itself. Great for learning, review, or workout! Come to class as much as you want to.  Learn more and perfect your skills or just to work out and have fun! Gia gives make ups, so if you pay for 6 classes you can use them any time...  they never expire! Classes are about an hour long. Wear loose comfy workout wear, loose pants or full skirt, bare feet or ballet slippers.


SPECIAL... complete your first 6 classes (need not be in sequence) and you get one of Gia's instructional DVD's. Complete your second 6 weeks and get a second DVD.


Vinnie's Jump & Jive opened its doors on Main Street in Middletown, CT in 2000. An innovative program of the Community Health Center, Inc., located just down the street, Vinnie's was established to promote healthy lifestyles in the community. Although originally centered around swing dancing, Vinnie's has evolved over the years to offer an eclectic range of dance and movement styles.


Cromwell Martial Arts was established by Professor Frank Shekosky in 1993 and offers martial arts classes for Adults and children in Kenpo Karate, Modern Arnis , Okinawan martial arts weapons, and Self-defense. Our mission is to provide quality martial arts training that helps our students become better people by: 

• Providing a safe martial arts training environment. 
• Developing a code of conduct, as well as learning effective self-defense and martial art skills. 
• Offering a friendly, professional instructor staff. 
• Acting as a positive force in our community.



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